The Friends of the Cresheim Trail’s mission is to promote community building, health and open space through promoting and creating multi-use trails for recreation and transportation.

The Friends of the Cresheim Trail

The Friends of the Cresheim Trail is a non-profit, volunteer, community initiative working to build a multi-use trail in Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties primarily along an old rail road right-of-way. (See Maps page for details.)

Our current focus is on connecting the Cresheim Trail (in the Wissahickon Woods) in Fairmount Park Philadelphia with neighborhoods long separated from the park through the progress of development, county boundaries, roads and the ebb and flow of the region.

This website is for the purpose of disseminating information about this exciting project, and to help gather community support for a trail that will benefit the communities of Philadelphia and Montgomery County. As events progress we will post ongoing updates about new developments on The Cresheim Trail.

The Cresheim Trail is part of the Circuit, a 750-mile network of multi-use trails planned for the Greater Philadelphia Region.

We encourage you to join our group by sending a donation ($50 suggested) to:

Friends of the Cresheim Trail, PO Box 4341, Philadelphia, PA  19118

Also, friend us on our group Facebook and like our non-profit Facebook page!